Running away from Responsibility !!

June 1, 2008 10:59am CST
Man and Woman was created for a purpose. Women made to bear the child and man lets say contributes to the making of the child!! Then why is it that Priests, Nuns are not allowed to marry ? Service to God could also be done if they are married. Life is all about struggle, the more you live life the way it is meant to be , the more you come to know God. Knowing God is not all about prayers, it is about finding God in your day to day life. From the time you are born till the time you die,it is only about God.that is if you try and see it that way. According to me priests and nuns should be allowed to marry and take responsibility for what god has created them. I might be completely wrong in my thinking so. Do you have any valid points as to why they should not marry ??
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• United States
1 Jun 08
Actually, I am not a church goer? but I think we are here to pass down out genes to children. And I also think there would be fewer pedophile priests if they were allowed to marry and have families, like they used to be able to do. Nuns shouls also be allowed ot be married, at least, since the church refuses to ordain them. Why SHOULD they spend thier whole life being male dominated? I have NO reason they should not be able to marry. Like I said, they used to be allowed. Who came up wiht the stupid idea to stop them from that?! It makes NO sense!
• India
2 Jun 08
It actually makes no sense at all. I am waiting for a response which would let me know what it is behind them remaining unmarried.