my racing embarrassment

United States
June 1, 2008 1:31pm CST i was on my way home from the store in my brothers car, as i stood at a redlight in his mustang cobra a corvette stop beside me and starts revving his car. i started revving the car also. his car was awesome, and it had the darkest window tint so i could not really see who was driving it. ok so as we stood there, he would let go of his brakes to let the car move forward a little (in other words challenging me). so i decide to do the same thing and am wanting to go at it. so the light turns green and we both launch and he took me by about 2 1/2 car lengths. we then reach another redlight and the man rolls down his windows. i was astonished when i saw that the man behind the wheel was at least 70 years old and was with a hot 20 year old. he laugh while we are at the redlight and i just kind of give him a astonished look. he then turns at the light and igo straight. i was so surprised that a man of his age was still racing in the streets. i was kind of laughin the whole way home. have you'll ever been in a similar situation?
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