Are you chewing tobacco daily? ...or related products

June 1, 2008 1:55pm CST
Chewing tobacco or related products are prevalent everywhere. People take to chewing tobacco knowing fully well about its consequences! Many become addicted to it. Happiness or pleasure that they get chewing tobacco is only temporary! Many desire to quite the habit but are unable to! Me, do not have that habit. How about you myloters? Are you chewing tobacco or related product daily? Any plan to stop it?
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@ronak4u (136)
• India
17 Jul 08
no i never chewing tabacco i dont like all this things which hardful to our body.
@rony4u (31)
28 Jun 08
not at all.
• Pakistan
2 Jun 08
me also not have such kind of habit but i have not heard about this product before
@SomeCowgirl (32219)
• United States
2 Jun 08
My Fiance dips. For those that do not understand what that means or are a little curious as to what that entails it is as such : "dipping" consists of a pouch which is soluble or rather it is resistant to saliva I suppose it wouldn't be soluble... In any case um... He puts it on the side of his mouth in his cheek and he does it on a regular basis. He does it frequently only if he is really stressed out. He has also chewed before but he much rather dip. As for any plan to stop it, I can't really be sure as to when or if he will.