How to get survived on mylot?

@ml2blog (414)
United States
June 1, 2008 10:14pm CST
Mylot is a great "Get Paid to Blog" program, but also require your hard work. Being a member of Mylot, first, you must spend some hours a day for participating on mylot. Mylot is very fair, if you don't spend some hours a day, you won't get a penny. If you participated on mylot almost everyday, definitely you would get something out of it. Mylot only sets $10 minimum payout and pays you monthly, it's very easy to reach the minimum payout if you do spend some hours a day. I love Mylot than any other "Get Paid to Blog" programs, because some of this programs only pay for the accepted blog, if the blog is not accepted, you don't get a penny. Mylot is different, you get paid for every discussion, picture, and comment, as long as you don't violate their blog's rules. In addition, if you post a long and quality discussion, you get paid more. For what I experienced, Mylot pay 1 cent for each, but if you have a long and quality discussion, they pay you more. It's very fair program. I love it! But, I wish they can create some contests and/or awards in the future to attract more users to gain their participations on mylot. Anyway, I love mylot even though they don't do contests and/or awards. Mylot, fighting!
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@maspapang (142)
• Indonesia
2 Jun 08
I'm agree with you. I think mylot will be my choice to get money from discussion/blog. Do you know ? It's hard to get $0.01. I was join in 2 years and my account still empty :(. But I like to know if you have been paid from mylot, can you send me your payment screenshot ? Thank you before
@ml2blog (414)
• United States
2 Jun 08
I became a member of mylot for just a week ago, but my mylot account already had $2.64. So, I really think if I keep working hard and spend some hours a day on mylot, not very long, I will reach $10 minimum payout. Be patience is another important key on mylot.
@gerald_lian (2189)
• Australia
2 Jun 08
Yeah, that's why I love mylot too! Just as long as we diligently spend some time here everyday (no matter how busy we are ) we will be earning some pennies daily. It's a good source of extra income or pocket money for many members over here. As I am the type that has the tendency to elaborate a lot on my responses, I'm being paid quite well at the moment; around 2 cent per response is the rate at the moment. Yeah, I do wish mylot had a sort of contest once in a while too to encourage members to post, but I think they're busy enough as it is already since they have to calculate members' earnings daily, and mylot has over 130 thousand members at the moment. There's one thing that I dislike about mylot, and it is the presence of what we call "trolls" that are here on mylot to bring other members down by their words or actions. There will be some members who will disagree with some of our responses and as such, they will rate your responses as negative and your mylot ratings will go down. I am currently a victim of this, but I'm fine with it. I will still post on mylot as I do always!