Do you believe YOU make the difference?

June 1, 2008 11:45pm CST
We all knwo life is a mistery. Why are we here? Specialy, why are YOU here? What difference will it make now, if you die? in 10 years? in 100 years? WHy do you think we came to this world? do we all have a purpose, or it happend randomly? Are you making the diference? I think the meaning of life, besides enjoing it is to help the comunity develope, not only yourself. If you are making the difference, what are you doing to help the world? any special contribuiton? (maybe in science). Are you helping a comunity? Helping in general concerns such as Global Warming?
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@padma84 (98)
2 Jun 08
Iam here because I was born to my parents...Ha..ha..Ha..Ha..jokes apart, I don't think it will make any difference to my absence..May be people will feel my absence now and then.. time is a great healer and memories will fast fade. I am not being despondent or cynical..but just stating facts....I don't think anyone is born with a purpose ...except that we live till we are asked to go away from this world.I really have no complaints.I will try to do good and I think this would be the purpose of my life.I am not doing anything consciously but being a teacher I am helping children learn and face the challenges of life.....