identifying the right books for your purpose

June 1, 2008 11:56pm CST
Friends.. we all are young and always keep searching for the ways by which we can not only make our dream come true as well as enjoy doing it. the first point which concern all of ours life is to become financial self dependent. of course is a wonderful example of enjoying blogging and internet while you also get paid for it. i have been using internet for past 10 years sometime from internet cafes , college and office. because i want to get connected with my friends but it also cost me something in terms of money. then my father got retired and i took the job and started understanding the value of each penny i have spent on the internet but enjoyed. after years of research i started finding the right ways to surf the internet and yet get my pocket full without paying anything for it. yes you can earn from the internet, but it is just like searching needle in the tonnes of garbage. after i started getting benefits from the internet i have decided it to share my important findings and LEARN FROM OTHERS THE NEW WAY OF SURFING AND EARNING just like my purpose of starting this discussion is that we should start sharing important literature and books which we have downloaded from the internet and may be benefitial for other like us. i would invite your suggestion and comment on this topic first then will start sharing my findings..... all the best
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• China
2 Jun 08
i'm newer here and know little ,i come on here not for money.i'm a english is not i want to practise it by surfing internet.i think i still young.i should keep learning,for example,learn english language and alien custom from foreign friend. i have recieved a english ebook from one foreign friend a few days before. i think the ebook is the best book i have ever read.i love it. its name is "personal development". containing one hundred principle action. i want some friends who like literature give me some good advice and recommend good ebooks. thank you first
• India
3 Jun 08
welcome dear nice to see you here. well i am an indian and think that i can somehow speak good english. see there are two different things you need to know for any language 1. speaking 2. writing you can learn writing english by reading a lot in the english and figuring out those new words that you dont know then search their meanings in the dictionary. i can not paste the link here as mylot dont allow me. but you can always refer wikepedia or some other online dictionary to find out meanings. but you must know the basic structure which is grammatical correct in the english. as far i have seen your comment it appears that you can write good english and probably looking for ways to learn speak english. you know speaking differ from person to person and ACCENT of speaking changes frequently. since we both are asians we have different accent then europeans. believe me you only need to practice it among your friends. please add me as friend i will keep sending you information about good books. thanks