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Northern Mariana Islands
June 2, 2008 4:29am CST
Hi! I reached my 100 post late yesterday. At that time, I had 78/100 reputation. 15 minutes ago, I still had 78/100, but when I looked again some minutes ago, I saw that my star had changed from 8 to 9, and that my reputation level had reached 87/100. Why did I suddenly get that high reputation? Did like 10 people rate me at the same time? Or was the update just a little slow? And I've seen dscussions where people stayed at the same reputation level for weeks, even they had mane best responses. Why did this happen?
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• Philippines
11 Jul 08
wow!! congratulations.. Good job that is great!! your reputation is higher now. Keep up the good work.
• Northern Mariana Islands
1 Aug 08
Thanks :)
@chennai_b02 (1735)
• India
11 Jul 08
The Star Rating in mylot will be awarded, purely based on the members in mylot's by Rating your discussions & responses.. Since you completed the 100th postings now, your updation may take some minutes.. due to this reason, the Star Rating will change in a mimute or so.. And also this Star Rating will be updated once in a day.. its based on the Rating which you have received for the previous day. How the STAR RATING will calculated as follows: The "+" Positive and "-" Negative only will determine the members Star Rating here in mylot. If the other mylot members those who pass through your discussions/response, if they like the same, and if they will mark you the "+" rating, now your Rating will get the positive result, & in case, if they dont like the same and give you the "-" rating, then your rating will give the negative result.. If you may awarded more "+" positive in a day, your Star rating will get increased for that day, the same will reflect in Your Rating in the next day, and also If you get more "-" Negative rating in a day, then your Rating will come down and the same also will reflect in your Star Rating in the following day. Like this the Rating will get fluctuate between 10 and 1. I think you will get some clear idea about the Rating now.. All the very best..