Puerto Rico

@bcote212 (1112)
United States
June 2, 2008 10:53am CST
Why is it that Puerto Rico can vote to nominate someone to become president, but they cannot vote when we are actually electing a president? Just seems a little weird to me.
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@Bd200789 (2994)
• United States
10 Jun 08
I've never understood that thar either.
9 Jun 08
You're right it's weird, when I was living in the states I was allowed to vote for the president and now that I am living in the island, I can't. Not fair I say and I was born in New York City! As for taxes we are paying them now plus our men get sent to war and we depend on the US for all sorts of funds, our currceny are US dollars. People in the island have been afraid of taxes forever, well that is no longer a fear, we are being taxed on everything just like all the other states. Also what is this about super delegates and their votes having so much power? Don't understand that either. While it may seem that the majority want to stay a commonwealth there are many of us that want this island to become State.
• United States
5 Jun 08
From what I understand, Puerto Rico is part of the United States in some oddball manner. Until a few days ago, I was un-aware that they were allowed to help choose someone to nominate. However, they are right now just a possession of the United States. Periodically, the residents get to vote on whether or not they want to be the a full-fledged state of the US, but the "no" vote wins because the majority of the people do not want to have to pay federal taxes. Until they become a full-fledged state, & the people there pay federal income taxes, they cannot vote when electing a President.
• United States
2 Jun 08
NO WAY! I did not know that! I wonder if it is the same for the Somoan Islands? They are also considerd a territory of the US, but not an actual state. Well..I suppose only the 50 states can vote? They talk about making Puerto Rico a state, but I do not know more than that. But it does not seem right for any place to be allowed to have a primary, yet NOT be allowed to vote for the president! You are right..it IS weird!(Like..a slap in the face!-Like we get with every election held here in Florida?-I can relate a bit.)
@ZephyrSun (7382)
• United States
2 Jun 08
That is strange. I didn't know that, but then until I heard it the other night on the news I didn't know they even were allowed to vote in the primaries. It's sorta like "oh, you can have an opinion but when it comes down to deciding, we really don't care what you think."