What's the first concert you've been to?

June 2, 2008 11:45am CST
Who did you see? When was it? Where was it? Mine is The Click Five. Recently only. HAHA. 1st June. In Singapore!! Modern Minds and Great Times Tour!! So COOL!! GOT TO MEET AND GREET THEM!! and i got their autographs too!!
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• United States
2 Jun 08
Thats exciting! how fun for you! I remember my first concert like it was yesterday.I was in 8th grade and I saw CHICAGO (anybody remember them?) at the Nassau Colliseum on Long Island. I lived right across the street at the time. An uncle of a friend of mine had connections so we had 10th row floor seats. It was awesome. The most recent concert i've gone to was Rod Stewart, here in new Hampshire. That was awesome too! He can still rock out! Thanks for bringing back a fond memory for me!
• Singapore
2 Jun 08
LOL. NO PROBLEMO!!. Anyway, is CHICAGO an old band? just curious cos i never heard of them. DUH! HAHA!
• Singapore
26 Jul 08
The first concert I went to was Yngwie Malmsteen in Singapore back in 2002. I was so happy the guitar virtuoso came to perform here. Other concerts I went to was Steve Vai in 2004 and more recently Helloween and Megadeth.