What would you want to see in a novel website?

United States
June 2, 2008 6:26pm CST
I'm working on a website for the novel that I have been writing. I'm close to being finished with the novel, which is the first in what will be at least a trilogy, so I wanted to get a website built for it where I can start to stir up some interest in the book and the world it is set in. I also have at least two more novels, unrelated to the trilogy for a total of at least five novels, that are planned to be set in the same world. My problem is that I am not sure what to include in the website, so I decided that I would ask here what people like to see in a novel website. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The novel is a fantasy novel, so things I have already thought need to be included are things such as: Author bio / information A novel excerpt so people know what the story is like A map of the known world Short stories to help describe the world from the eyes of people living there A sampling of the kinds of goods that might be bought in shops in the world Pictures of the world from my writer's scrapbook Any other suggestions for what you would want to see in a novel website? Comments on the things that I have listed above? Complaints about things that you hate to see on a novel website?
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