Dad spanked his toddler because he got bitten....

@mjmlagat (3171)
June 2, 2008 10:52pm CST
Last June 1, Sunday, was the 14th birthday of my son..we all went swimming to a nearby resort. The place was full of visitors like us, who just want to spend and relax the day off doing few free strokes on the pool. There was this young dad who happilly swam with his toddler on the pool and both were enjoying each other's company. While we were doing our thing with the kids, we were surprised to hear the shrilling cry of the toddler nearby. We saw the mom approached the pair instantly, obviously she was also alarmed of the cry. The dad, with a red blotch on his cheek, hurriedly went to the shallow part of the pool and defensively remarked, "he bit my face!"... We can't help but to observe the three of them since the baby was already crying outloud saying, "daddy spanked me!"... he sobbed unceasingly until the mom brought him out of the water and went somewhere to pacify him. It was a quite embarrassing experience for the dad who spanked that toddler, not really intentionally out of revenge, but maybe, well actually, I don't know...was he gratified by doing such, or was he wrong? What should you do if the same incident happen to you?
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@kezabelle (2980)
3 Jun 08
A child will cry when they get a smack not maybe from the pain but the realisation that they have done something wrong to upset mum/dad. If my child bit my face to the point they left a red mark yes I would smack them I will not tolerate biting my eldest ony ever did it once, she got punished and didnt do it again. I also think the mother was wrong for trying to pacify the child, he did something wrong how is that showing a united front to the child in that what he did was wrong? all that showed the child was that mummy thought daddy was wrong to smack and totally undermined the punishment. If the child could speak a sentence of "daddy spanked me" then he would be old enough to understand why that happened and as such I dont think dad was too over the top in how he punished his child, however my opinions go on the fact that I feel there are certain things that I will not tolerate biting being one spitting another and they will ALWAYS be punished.
@deedles88 (297)
• Australia
3 Jun 08
Obviously we dont know why the Toddler bit his dad, but when my daughter bit me, I bit her back. Not hard, but a little pressure on her hand, just like she did to me, and I said to her "see, that is not nice, is it?" and she got upset and said no! and she has not bit since, but I guess that was how the father chose to deal with the incident.
• Philippines
3 Jun 08
If his motive of spanking his toddler is to let him learn the lesson then on that part he is right but, i think he should not spank the kid to the point that he will cry out loud because of pain. As i know toddlers are still in the stage of exploring and learning things. As a parent he should teach his kid first to determine what's right and wrong, and tell him the consequences of doing wrong. Once the child knows what he's doing then parents have the right to chastise or discipline their kids if they're doing the wrong thing. As I imagine that, it looks like the daddy reacted childishly. I usually see parents spare their kids once they were hurt by them. I don't think I will do that to my son. I'll just let him know what he did hurt me.