Biting Children.

June 2, 2008 11:25pm CST
My daughter turned 2 at the end of March. She attends a Kindy near our house and is there from Tuesday - Thursday. There has been a few situations of child/ren biting at her Kindy. For privacy reasons they are not allowed to name the child, which is fair enough I suppose. The only problem is, my daughter was biten a few weeks ago. She came home on Thursday and was in the bath, when her dad called me in to look at a red mark on her chest, I said that it was probably just a mosquito bite, and not to worry. When she finished, I started to dress her and touched the bite and said "what on earth is that?" and my daughter said "Kaleb bit you!" (she refers to herself as 'you') and I asked her again and she repeated the same thing, I called her dad in and she repeated it again. I was puzzled, because if she was indeed bitten, then there should of been an incident report about it. I went back with her on Tuesday and spoke to one of her teachers, and told her what she had said and showed her the mark. She said that she will look into it for me, and that afternoon there was an incident report waiting for me, apprently someone forgot to give it to me. It said that the other child wanted the book that my daughter was reading, and bit her out of frustration. The weird thing is, in my daughters first weeks at Kindy a child fought her for a book, and they got into a bit of a 'punch up' and a friend of mine, whos daughter is the same age has been bitten twice because of a fight over a book, my neighbours son has also been bitten because of a fight over a book. One of the teachers quit a short time before, and I ran into her at the Supermarket and told her what happened to my daughter she said she wasnt surprised because it is the same child doing it. No action is being taken, the child still attends and for all I know is still biting other children. What would you do if this was your child? Have you been in a similar situation?
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3 Jun 08
Hhhmmm...I worked at a daycare where we followed some strict rules. Whenever there was a physcial incident like you've started, we had to write down the child, the date, the time and exactly what happened. In fact, we had to check the children and write down any marks we found on them at the start of the day because if not, we could be held liable for it. Now, if I was in your situation, I'd check to see if this place was reputable and then check your state's requirements concerning such events.