The Phone always rings when you're fumbling for your keys outside!

@cambiste (1244)
June 3, 2008 6:15am CST
The telephone has the habit of ringing at very unwelcome times indeed. The usual times are: i) when you're just taking a nap ii) When you're upstairs and the phone is downstairs iii) when you're talking to someone else on your mobile iv) when you've just sat down for dinner v) when you're just locking the house and leaving vi) when you've just returned and fumbling for your keys in your bag The most annoying one is # vi). You've just found your key, unlocked your lock, threw back the bolt, and swung open the door and scrambled through the hall to reach the shirking phone.... and it stops ringing the moment you clasp the receiver. Its worse if you're coming back home at night... you just havent time to switch on your lights.. and you tripped over all possible things, got a few bruises and look how grateful that telephone is! Anyone else experienced this trauma?
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@GreenMoo (11837)
3 Jun 08
You forgot a really common time for the phone to ring - when you've just stepped into the bath! You have shampoo on your head, and you're dripping all over the floor whilst wrapped in a skimpy damp towel. You thought it might be important, but it's actually a telemarketer. Either that or it's your granny, who wants to chat for an hour!
@cambiste (1244)
• India
3 Jun 08
Haha. Gosh, if i could edit my discussion, i would add that as well. Thanks for the new point. It is completely true! Or its somefriend of your mother who talks for an equally long time !! Well, Granny is fine. But imagine if its a wrong number. All hurry and worry for nothing.