After your marriage, relationship...

June 4, 2008 1:36am CST
After getting married, had you set up your own separate home, or still living in joint family? If you had separated, how was the relationship with your blood relations? Good or Strained? Which system of family you like most? Joint family or Separate family?
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• United States
4 Jun 08
I don't really know what to say. I suppose I'm an "ugly American", because I just didn't realize that people got married and still lived with their parents/grandparents/in-laws, if there was a choice to move out. I moved in with my husband before we got married. He'd been married and divorced before, and I was tired of living with my parents and dating different people. He was 25 and I was 19, he proposed to me 3 weeks after we met, and I moved in with him the next day (we've moved twice since then). We've been married almost 4 years, we've had our ups and downs, and financial strains like anyone else. I MUCH prefer to live in our own home!!! We tried letting some other family members live with us, and it DID NOT work well! We've mended the fences since then, but other than that, our relationships with our close kin are fine. We're closer to my family than to his, but my family is closer to each other than his is, both in distance and emotions. We see my family about twice a week, and his at least once a week, sometimes more. So we're not really "separate", except for our different houses. Nice discussion, it makes one think hard about the true relationships of families!