Should the US pull out of Iraq?

United States
November 2, 2006 1:09pm CST
I think that we need to find a way to pull out most if not all of our troops from Iraq. It sickens me to see how many military and civilian casulties we have had since so long ago President Bush declared the war over. Infact, more military personnel have been killed in action after the war was declared over than when the war was on going. We need to bring our service people home to their families and out of the line of danger because Iraq needs to learn to stand on it's own two feet. We should train their civilians to take over the jobs of our military personnel.
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@sksingh (1412)
• Germany
2 Nov 06
• United States
2 Nov 06
Really not until the war is over.I know it is hard and sad to see all who are losing theirlives and families who are losing their love ones.
@Riderfan (319)
• Canada
2 Nov 06
Don't cut and run. You'll cause more problems if you leave.
@macubx (11421)
• Philippines
2 Nov 06
Yup.. Iraq Should stand for itself
@Flaine (404)
• France
2 Nov 06
I like a beautiful song which deals with this war : Mosh singing by Eminem : i think the US president have make o big mistake by doing this war ...
@all_n_one (2005)
• United States
2 Nov 06
of course we should have been out hopefully the republicans fall flat on there face and we can get out. I support the troops but not the fact that they are dieing for nothing.