Whats your fave Starbucks drink?

@mimico (3618)
June 4, 2008 3:12am CST
When I go to a different country, I make sure to stop by the Starbucks in the local airport for a snack. I noticed that Starbucks around the world have different menu items, so I make it a point to try a local favorite. When I visited Vancouver, for example, I had a very delicious pumpkin blend to celebrate Halloween as well as a good minty hot chocolate over Christmas. In the Philippines, I'm addicted to Starbucks' coffee jelly frappuccino. It's the best ever coffee jelly drink in my opinion. The coffee jelly itself is soft, chewy, and bite-sized while the drink just complements the jelly. Even the light version tastes great. Another drink I like is the green tea frappuccino. It's a bit on the sweet side but you can always ask for the light version. You'll notice that I'm a big frappuccino fan. It's because of the weather, really. When you come over to Manila, you'll never want anything warm. :) So tell me, what's your favorite Starbucks drink? What do you usually have? What do you crave for? I'm really interested to know what the bestsellers are in different cities around the world so that I can try those out in my future travels.
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• Philippines
15 Jun 08
VENTI LATTE EXTRA HOT. I consume 4 - 6 per day at work. in like frap or iced coffee off work tough. the xmas collection rocks! i love the mint as well.