Paypal VS. Alertpay

@mimico (3618)
June 4, 2008 3:32am CST
Hello there myLotters! I think myLotters are smart and business savvy because we know where and how to make extra money online. Anyway, this post isn't about praising you guys, haha. I've been wanting to join more PTC sites lately but some of the good ones pay through Alertpay. I already have an account with Paypal so it would definitely be better for me if the PTCs I join pay through Paypal. I'm not really comfortable with the prospect of opening another account with Alertpay because I haven't reached payout yet for those enrolled under my Paypal account. Anyway, is it wise to have both an Alertpay and paypal account? What do I gain? What do I lose? Is Alertpay exactly the same as Paypal? Is it also safe? I've read about some sites which have switched to Alertpay after having problems with Paypal. Would you guys know what's wrong with Paypal? Thanks in advance.
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