My Porch Ashtray is a Seat?

@aero89 (422)
United States
June 5, 2008 1:08am CST
That's what I discovered tonight when I went to my apartment's front porch to smoke. There he was, the next door down the sidewalk As if he were close enough, I could see The disrespect in his mind. Friends a few, were sat down beside On the stoop or in a chair. But this fellow, How unmannerly was he. The sands of the tray Spread about the modest flower garden That is the one my husband tends to. And alas, the uncivil ninny Found himself a sitting place, after all. A large terra cotta ashtray Right down our direction. Simply taken to his front step, turned onto its top And Voila! Far be it from he, to join his Companions on the stair - Not this catch! No, sir. How proud he must have found himself to be When it was silently retrieved from him. Sometimes, eyes speak for themselves. Well, being a part of the service industry, I guess the only thing I can chalk it up to is "Glad to help"...Lord knows that one can't argue with garbage, unless he is willing to get stinky. OMG I've turned into a fortune cookie lol 3, 16, 18, 31, 40, 52 I try to make light of it to keep calm, but honestly, what the hell is wrong with people?!
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