metal gear solid 4 :guns of the patriot

June 5, 2008 1:56am CST
anyone? lets discuss it here :) do you beleive snake shot his own mouth?
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• Italy
12 Sep 09
At the end of the credits Big Boss stopped Snake, you probably have seen this cutscene by now, so there's no need to tell you anything about it. Metal gear solid 4 was awesome but the story was a bit confusing don't you think so?
10 Jul 10
Not sure if you saw, but I think at the very very end of the game Big Boss appears to stop Snake from shooting himself. The reason Big Boss appears alive and well is explained by the man himself. He explains that the body being carted through the streets being kept alive by machines (which was later burned) was in face the body of Solidus who was made to look just like Big Boss. I'm just going to assume you played all the others in the franchise, thats the only way you can truly appreciate MGS4. Did anybody else get goosebumps when Big Boss appeared?