who else thinks itunes should lower theyre song price

@moose8 (483)
June 5, 2008 9:21am CST
the only good thing about buying off itunes is that you gat all the song info like album art etc...
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
5 Jun 08
I think 99 cents isnt' too bad. its not more then what anyone else charges. plus if you think about it, you'll pay $20 for a cd that has about 15 songs on it, so thats more than 99 cents a song. i do surveys on epoll.com and then use my points to get itunes gift cards. my cousin uses limewire. you can download them for free on limewire and then transfer them to your itunes library to put on your ipod.
@greysfreak (1385)
• United States
23 Jul 08
As someone else pointed out, you would definitely pay more if you went and bought a cd, especially if you went to one of the big record stores that charge like twice the price of a cd at wal-mart or amazon. So I think it's very fair. I actually have 2 views in this, I am an i-tunes user and an artist who has music on i-tunes. The part of my who is a music lover would love to see lower prices or free music. But the artist in me realizes that isn't practical. There are so many costs that go into making a record, then duplicating, getting licenses, etc. Also, i-tunes or any other company takes a portion of the sales. I am speaking from the viewpoint of an independent artist, so I actually take more of the earnings at the end of the day than a major label artist, because they also have the reocrd label, manager, etc.. taking cuts, then the artist then has to cut in the band/other members of the group. So when you think of it that way, that 99 cents is not much. I make about 64 cents if someone purchases one of my songs on i-tunes, which is not bad once it adds up, then again, I don't have anyone to pay, but I do know that I'd have to sell a lot more albums and stuff before I could even start to cover the costs for licensing and all the other costs that went into my production. So anyway, just wanted to put in my 0.02, because really looking at it from that perspective has changed my attitude about paying for music. Personally, I'd much rather hand the artist my 10 bucks than see it go to the record companies, but since that's not possible, I try to support the bands I love as much as I can, knowing that, yes, the successful ones are well off--but most of them aren't getting rich off a cd sales, because in the end they have to give a big cut to everyone around them. I've heard of major artists that only have a 6-figure income, and while that is a lot for regular people, it's really surprising to hear about major label artists. Would I want to be on a major label? Of course, I talk down on them, but I do believe that expertise and marketing is worth the money they have to pay out. Because I am at a total loss on marketing my music.
@Redsky77 (56)
• United States
15 Jul 08
Yeah i think they should lower the price since not many people are really buying songs from there. Maybe if they lower the price a little more people would consider to buy the songs instead of downloading it for free from places like limewire. i think 15 cents a song sounds like a great deal=].
@sircaido (162)
• Japan
6 Jun 08
Well I don't care if they will or not lol!, because I am not using the itune stores all of the movies, songs, etc I downloaded if from torrents via limewire and it is all for free. But beware of those bogus one, make sure you have a antivirus installed in your PC to detect if it is injected with trojans, malware, etc.