Reading in isolation, or.....

June 5, 2008 10:08am CST
Are you a member of any local library, private or public? Do you go there and read or they deliver the books at your doorstep? What sort of books you prefer to read and how you enjoy reading? You read in isolation, or with people around?
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@bellis716 (4802)
• United States
5 Jun 08
Our city library is located about a half mile from our house. If I want a particular book, I walk there and check it out. If they don't have the book I want, they will order it for me from another library. Once, a few years ago, they even bought a particular book that I had requested. They also have books on tape or CDs that can be checked out, also. The library offers other services, also but these are the only ones I have used. I prefer to read in a quiet place at home. My favorite place is the front porch swing.
@schummi (925)
• India
5 Jun 08
I prefer to read books in isolation....if we are at library...there is a fixed time to come and go and idont like that...if i start reading something then idont leave it until i finish it...
@INGA832 (1114)
• Russian Federation
5 Jun 08
I like to read very much so it's cheaper for me to borrow books in library. I prefer to read books in isolation in my comfortable armchair when there's nobody around me. I like to read fiction, fantasy or horror books. But I also read serious books.
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
5 Jun 08
I am not a member of any public or private library since becoming an adult, but I love to read so I will buy books or exchange them with my friends. I will read alone in m room or while travelling on the bus, doctors' office I am. Reading is such a good hobby. I am so glad that we were not grown with television so I started reading to past my free time.