a sleepness night

June 6, 2008 1:14am CST
hi my dear friends on mylot,today i am not well.Because last night I didn't sleep well,I don't no why I could't sleep until midnight.First,I count sleep in my mind,but i become more conscious.Then i became very easily annoyed and eyerything came into my mind.I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling for a long time!It is so terrible night!My friends,when you can't sleep what will you do?
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@faith210 (11232)
• Philippines
6 Jun 08
Hi snowlove08! Oh, I know what you mean. I have those sleepless nights too. And when I can't sleep at night, I just try to relax my mind. Sometimes, I just think of beautiful thoughts and spin beautiful dreams. And when I get tired of thinking beautiful and positive thoughts, I just try to relax my mind and try to shut off everything that keeps on creeping in my thoughts. Or sometimes, I listen to music until I just fall asleep. These ways work for me and I hope it will work for you too. Take care and God bless! Keep smiling!
• China
7 Jun 08
hi faith210 thank you fou your response,last night i have a good sleep .This morning i feel very good!wish you a good day!
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@kykidd (6818)
• United States
6 Jun 08
If I can't sleep, one of the things that I do is turn on the light on the nightstand and pick out a good book. A lot of times, reading at night will make me tired. Then there are sometimes when I refuse to let any thoughts enter my head. I know that stress is one of the main reasons that I have a hard time sleeping. I just listen to the crickets or whatever sounds the outdoors brings. This will really help me sleep. I learned this when I was really young. Don't think, just listen. Another thing I may do from time to time, is turn the tv on in my bedroom. I will put it on an old sitcom or something to make me laugh. This also, will help break the stress.
• China
6 Jun 08
hi kykidd,thank you for your response.It is a good idea to pick out a good book,but when i can't sleep,i will always fall into vacious cycle,the more i can't sleep, the more i want to sleep.At this time i always dont like to go up,i will lie in the bed all the time .Maybe i should change the bad habit.
@sophialin (2677)
• China
11 Jun 08
mee to last night.it's indeed a terrible night,i feel myslef short of energy at work today.all that i want to do is go back my bed and have a deep sleep.