Do you ever witnessed a Miracle?

June 6, 2008 8:04am CST
I had never witnessed a miracle.I had heard about many miracles.I want to hear more about miracles.
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• India
19 Sep 09
miracle this means a type of who have blessing of god could see a miracle. all are a miracle of god.the 5 sense organ is also a miracle of cant say that u had never witness a miracle.what u had see that is a miracle.the whole universe is a mircle of god..............
• United States
6 Jun 08
I haven given birth to three beautiful children and that in its self is a miracle. My third child was born 2 months premature. a few hours before his birth the doctor was telling me that my child could be born with major problem or he could die shortly after birth. While he was talking this wonderful calm feeling came over me, all the sounds in the room disappeared, and I heard a voice say everything will be alright. The calm feeling I experienced I have never felt before and can not begin to describe it. I just smiled at the doctor. My son went through the normal preemie problems but he was fine and came home earlier than they predicted. I was also once in a car wreck. I started hydroplaning and realized that the car was going to flip. I heard a voice tell me to hang on tight it would all be over in a minute. I did just that. My car flipped two times slid on its top for a ways and came to rest by a fence post. I opened the car door and walked away. I was not wearing a seat belt and the car door never opened again. The car was trashed and I should have been at least injured but God was watching out for me. Those are my miracles and those are the things that make me a true believer in God. I always had doubts until those last two moments.