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June 6, 2008 5:00pm CST
My girls' pediatrician asked me to give multi vitamin supplement with flouride to my girls everyday. She said there is no enough fluride in the local tap water. Is it true. Because my friend's son's pediatrician didnt give anything like this.
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30 Dec 08
I can't stress enough how much part a good diet plays in childresn teeth, calcium is the main thing they need up to around 5yrs. Fluoride is available in most of the foods you eat, there's many lists available on the internet so you can get a check. I know in the US they receommend no more that 3mg a day so thats 3000mcg for adults. Fuoride is left over from aluminium processing, too dangerous to dump in to the seas, so why would they want to push it on us? Note in areas on high crime, the fluoride levels are always greater in the water supply. Do chekc also if your supllier says that it is naturally fluoridated, naturally isn't often true, it normally means contaminated from industry such as fertilisers & pesticides from industrial farming methods. Also calcium carbonate in many toothpastes has its own fuoride content that isn't measured, only the added fluoride is mentioned on the packaging. I would not wnat my children ingesting fluoride in the slightest if I could help it. All the best
30 Dec 08
Also generally if you look into studies you find they are generally flawed as the children tested would have been through the development stage prior to fluoridation. It seems as our diets got better so did our teeth, they just published the studies at the right time to make us think otherwise. I am actaully under the impression I may have suffered poisoning in my travels as I have all the symptoms and at the time spent much time having "thyriod symptoms", but no matter which test and the many times tested no result. Still 10 years on no one has been able to tell me why I lost 3stone in 3mths, I have never been able to put back on the weight. I suffered crippling stomach pains, joint pains, headaches I'd never had in the past. A feeling of dumbing down, tiredness, insomnia.
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7 Jun 08
If your child is under 5, they do recommend fluoride added to your vitamins, if it is not in your water. Once they hit school age and can start using fluoride toothpase, that should stop.