Do you pay attention to beggars who are physically strong?

beggars - A picture showing a women with her kid begging
@alienstar (5142)
June 6, 2008 9:13pm CST
We do see many beggars around and also help them most of the times isnt it? but many a times, you can see some beggars physically strong and don't you it is their laziness that made them beggars as they seems to have found begging is the easiest way of making money than working? we shouldnot support or help such beggars and instead aware them about working isnt it?
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• Philippines
7 Jun 08
I have noticed that there are more and more beggars around lately. What I can't seem to understand is that most of these beggars are just like what you said, physically strong. They are obviously healthy enough to work their way out to earn for a living. The more we give to them, the more they beg. Thus, it is really important that we should not encourage them to beg by giving alms to them.