new record high crude oil price

United States
June 7, 2008 12:17am CST
today, crude oil reached $138/barrel. this is bad. america have an oil crisis and we must find out a way to solve this crisis or we can be in a bigger problem than we thought. we should look into developing plug in cars and cars that run with natural gas. we must build wind towers to generate enough electricity that will lasts centuries to come. this is a crisis and we better act quickly or else we could be seeing a $10 gasoline at the pump.
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@cambiste (1244)
• India
17 Jan 09
I just recently read that we can expect oil to drop to as low as $17 pretty soon. The estimates are that oil will fall to anywhere between $25 to $17 and that is as low as it gets ever. Wind mills arent that easy to build. They are clean, and theres are no hazard like in the case of nuclear energy; but the infrastructure costs high, and not all places are ideal to build windmills. Wrong locations can cost more to just sustain the mills. Moreover, running fuel driven vehicles with a substitute of wind energy is not practical, even though recent experiments conducted shows that its not impossible. Right now, theres no perfect alternative for fossilfuels.