listen!!!!!!!!! what behaviour you like the most in your mother????????

June 7, 2008 1:11am CST
well,according to me mothers are like angels on earth.I think the same for my mother also.the best thing i like in my mother is that she is very understanding she has the ability to judge a person she quickly figures out if i am not telling the truth about something.she has a kind of sixth sense she consoles and encourages their sons and daughters.I consider my mother as a my role model.she even helps in my studies and encourage me to do better in the future.she gives me tips for how to maintain good frendship with others.i love my mother very much.Tell me about your mother.
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@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
7 Jun 08
Hi there Jijo Mathew! What I admire most about my mother is her kindness, her patience, and most of all, her strength that she isn't aware that she have.
• India
7 Jun 08
thank you for sharing your views for your mother i am happy that you got a mother so kind ,patient .
@naseeha (1383)
• India
9 Jun 08
I like so many things about my mom and the thing i like the most is the way she makes friends with people so soon. If she talks with a person for five minutes they would start liking her and become her friend. This is a trait i am not able to inherit from her.
• Poland
8 Jun 08
What behaviour? She can listen. I can always talk to her and she will understand.
@snowy22315 (81885)
• United States
8 Jun 08
My mom is no saint, but she is basically a sweet person, who tried her best to raise her children. I would say she and my dad were both dedicated to their family. She is easy to talk to and to listen to.
@pree_6 (434)
• India
7 Jun 08
hi jijo...i like the determination and will power of my mother..she never postpones things...she is perfect in her work and sees to that she manages both home and work.she is always known for her patience,funloving and helping nature.she is very understanding.she helps me make right decision when i am confused.she is the best teacher in the world..i love my mother...