will life be the same again?

high tech gadgets - cellphone
June 7, 2008 2:23am CST
hi there guys..our world today really depends on the high tec h gadgets most of our works revolves around computers and phones..would you think life will be the same again if this gadgets we now own will suddenly dissapear? not only the internet that i have posted yesterday but the entire hi tech gadgets..what do you think? will our life be the same again?
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• Philippines
10 Jul 08
hi kaezy_kulet... i think its a possible scenario...but its not the worst scenario... i just read an email about the terrifying predictions in our future... 8.1magnitude quake to hit philippines in july 18, 2008 9.1magnitude quake to hit china... by year 2015 average global temperature will be 58degrees and the forest in amazon will be wipe out... food shortages will be cause of wars in many countries... new deadly disease named ALS 4 hrs being infected people will die.. a planet will hit earth with 60% chance to hit and 2/3 of global population will be wipe out... the sun will be blocked and ice age... another planet will hit earth with 80%chance to hit and only 20% will survive... anyways...back to your question i think if high tech gadgets will be gone i think we can adapt to it...we human beings are good in adaptation...maybe at first we may feel uncomfortable but...will get to use to it eventually... just my thoughts... SMILE ALWAYS...^_^
@dropofrain (1168)
• India
10 Jul 08
i can not think of life without gadgets any more. just try one day with out any gadget then you will realize the importance of them. its always the question that are we overdoing it or this should only be the case. we are highly dependent on the gadget world.
@julyteen (13256)
• Davao, Philippines
27 Jun 08
there are great changes some may going crazy, maybe it's hard at first because they are already part of our life and we are so dependent on it but later on we can cope up the loneliness we have. we can still live a happy life even without this gadget. our ancestor never experience what we have to today. we are lucky enough atleast we tried this hi-tech gadget.
@Erratic (723)
• Australia
7 Jun 08
I suppose we would adapt to it but hope it doesn't happen.
@agihcam (1915)
• Philippines
7 Jun 08
I don't like to happen,however,if that would be the case,it is fine for me as long as all on this world is the same,I mean WE,so we need to travel for so long just to meet somebody,then that would be fine,sending letters by post office again,that would be fine,as long as WE.Thanks.