Do you think homeless

@sabrinam (1204)
United States
November 2, 2006 3:59pm CST
people have put themselves in the situation to be homeless or that society did not provide enough assistance to prevent it?
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@suzieque (2335)
• Canada
2 Nov 06
In Canada, we have welfare assistance. And I think some people do need the assistance. ie: just lost their jobs, got sick, had a mental breakdown, ect. But with all the assistance there is, I think there are a lot of people who gotten used to receiving cheques without working and are just being lazy.
@Tanya8 (1733)
• Canada
6 Nov 06
I'm not sure how it is where you live, but in my city in Canada, there is no way to survive on Welfare (I used to work as an employment counsellor for people on Welfare). They are given $350 a month for housing, but there is no housing available for that price, so most people have to subsidize from the rest of their cheque, which is $175. Imagine trying to buy food for a month on that, especially if you are living in a room only situation with no kitchen facilities. People are essentially forced to get help from families and hide it, or alternate between food banks and begging. In addition, a huge percentage of the homeless here are people with mental illnesses who were deinstitutionalized about 20 years ago. Some people are simply unemployable, unless we pour a huge amount of money into creating make-work projects for them.
@sbeauty (5869)
• United States
2 Nov 06
I think we could give assistance until we ran out of money, and we would still have people on the streets. Some people just don't want to seem to do anything to help themself. There are some who deserve help, but I don't think that's the majority.