Kids' ailment

@ik4man (628)
June 7, 2008 10:56pm CST
How often your kids get fever,cough and running nose within a month?. If less often/or you maintain it? Any special
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• United States
8 Jun 08
PSShh, all the time!!! They're kids, it's what they do! A lot of times you don't have to maintain it! Remember: a fever is natural. It's the body's natural way of fighting off infection - large or small. Don't bring it down prematurely! If you feel like giving them something, small amounts of children's motrin/tylonol - usually like .8 ml or something (ask a doc). Or, we like to give our daughter Pediasure. It's very handy. I would check that out and go from there.
@ik4man (628)
• Malaysia
8 Jun 08
Well...most said that's unhealthy kid! you're not giving proper food or whatever....Familiar with Amway products? I gave them for the last 2 months...and i remember my kids seldom sick...maybe even no flu for that 2 months. But then i cannot afford to continue or may be i should try get it for the kids. Thanks for your respond.