Child support, what needs to be changed, pros and cons.

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November 2, 2006 4:28pm CST
What do you think needs to be changed in the system about child support? Do you pay it or receive it? Lets be honest here, not all of you that receive it should. And if you do what do you do with it? I understand there are some that do use the money for the wellness of their children and then there are others. How can a man be expected to pay 520.00 a month for his children and also get them covered by insurance which is well over 300.00 a month? With a job of 10.00 per hour do the math. Vent here. I plan to do some research on this matter and try to get things changed for the better if at all possible. I would like some honest opinions please. What are your thoughts?
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@prenuer (277)
• United States
6 Dec 06
The first thing that I would change would be the fact that the custodial parent's income is considered when deciding how much the noncustodial parent has to pay. I don't care if it is Brittany and Kevin, it should only be based on what he can afford to pay. The second thing that I would change is how it is paid. I think the government should pay the custodial parent and then it should have to collect from the noncustodial parent. I think that they should set how much it takes to adequately raise a child (for example only, $500/month), then divide that in half, and the noncustodial parent is responsible for his/her half no matter how long it takes to pay off. Even if they can only afford to pay $50/month, the custodial parent should get the full $250 from the government and the noncustodial parent pays the government the $50. I believe that this will cut down on the you don't pay child support so you can't see the child. It will also cut down on the frustration and guilt from both parents.
@ahalapia (943)
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3 Nov 06
I am a single Mom of a 13 year old daughter, I have raised her by myself, and he has never choosen to see her in all of her 13 yrs by his choice, and I have never received a dime in child support, he has been to court maybe twice in 13 yrs because he doesn't show up half the time and they don't pursue it because he collects disabilty, sure the money would be helpful but, that is by his choice and the courts decision that he doesn't have to pay. It made me mad at first but i figure it is his loss, on what he has missed out on.