Mylot Unsuspended My Account' Thanks Mylot' I am Back Again

Happy face - finally mylot unsuspended my account and i am active now.
June 8, 2008 2:35am CST
I joined Mylot at 8th April and was doing very well. I reached at my first payout in my very first month. But i made some mistakes and violate Mylot copy and paste policy. Then Mylot suspended my account in the start of May. I was missing Mylot a lot because i could not find any other site like Mylot who is paying just for having fun. So i sent them almost 7 emails with my apology and promise not to do these kind of things again. I just checked my Mylot account yesterday night and i was very happy to know that i can post and earn again on Mylot. I want to say thanks a lot to Mylot and will advice to all members that not violate their policies because you will miss mylot a lot when you will be not able to post here. Thanks again
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@paid2write (5201)
8 Jun 08
Welcome back arshad5555. It's good to know that myLot has allowed you to return, on condition you do not viiolate the guidelines. I think it shows that the people behing myLot have some kind feelings and have given you another chance. Now you can enjoy taking part in discussions again and this time you will take more care not to break any rules. Happy myLotting
• Pakistan
8 Jun 08
Thanks a lot. Yes i will be more careful this time. Because i don't wanna lose my account again. Believe me this is very good oppertunity to make some online extra cash while having fun. Atleast i can pay my internet fees from Mylot. Thanks
@anndocs (249)
8 Jun 08
Hi arshad5555, Thanks for the info.Atleast I know now, I really have this habit of copying and paste.Welcome and happy my lotting!
@Insung001 (740)
• Philippines
8 Jun 08
Thank you for sharing this important information arshad. This is very useful as a reminder, so newbies like me would not commit the same mistakes. I appreciate your sharing of this experience. Welcome back to MyLot community. I'm sure you really miss discussions and sharing ideas here. Thanks and welcome back again. cheer!
@Erratic (723)
• Australia
8 Jun 08
Welcome back! Now please be careful so it doesn't happen again.