June 8, 2008 2:49am CST
why some people hates them? especially their music and styles. i'm just curious
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• Poland
8 Jun 08
Emo's philosophy is to sit in the corner and cry most of the times. They don't want to fight for their rights, they want to cut themselves and make themselves pitiful. Subcultures were made to cut of from the rest of the society, to be diffrent. All emo must look almoust the same if they want to be real emos. There's no freedom in it. That is what I think about it. I don't hate them. You can't hate someone for being part of something (subculture in this case), but I definitely don't like they way of live.
• Philippines
8 Jun 08
ahh i see, thanks for the response by the way. :)
@roniroxas (10574)
• Philippines
9 Jun 08
to each his own, some people like rocks and some people like retroes. some people like noisy music and some like it soft. some people like instrumental and some people like the ones with good meanings. so if there are people who dont like emo styles and music then there is nothing we can do about that. its like the era of hippes a lot of people dont like it and a lot of people live with it.