cat can see ghost??

June 8, 2008 7:59am CST
do you believe that cat can see ghost?
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• Indonesia
8 Jun 08
i don't believe any such thing as ghost ... please notify me if you seen any =) ... i never saw any ghost since i came to this earth, how could i possibly know that cat can see ghost ?
• Poland
8 Jun 08
Human brain is blocking itself for our own safety. Without any blockades we could use for example 100% of our muscles strenght and could lift up a car, but our body would destroyed itself in the very short time becouse of that. That is why we have mental blockades. I think that childrens and animals may have some sort of not fuly builded mental blockades in some cases. If so then it is possible.
@5mayday (1053)
• Norway
8 Jun 08
I have heard about these things many times, that animals and children can see ghost. It happen sometimes that my cat are jumping and looking at nothing at all and that makes me a little scared. XD Although I belive it's nothing, but it's normal to think about that sometimes.
@ZephyrSun (7381)
• United States
8 Jun 08
I have heard that before but I also have heard that cats can see other dimensions, I guess that anything is possible. I would rather my cats see them than me . But, since there isn't any hard core evidence about that I would not be able to say yes it's true.