What is the best things aobut being on the beach?

United States
June 8, 2008 12:58pm CST
For me is just to sit under a hut have something to eat drink a beer and let the breeze cool me down. My last tropical experience was in Thailand at the Gulf of Thailand. Check out my personal video at the beach. http://revver.com/video/356871/affiliate/106283/thailand-beach-paradise/
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• Philippines
14 Sep 08
i love the beach so much the best things being on the beach is that you can go diving, snorkeling and fishing. Love it so much.
@odwyerhl (46)
• Mexico
10 Sep 08
I live in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico near the Sea of Cortez. I love to go the Algadones Beach 5 minutes from me. I like to go after 3:00(the sun is very intense here and I am the whitest girl in this town) with a picnic dinner. I sit under a palapa in front of a local beach restuarant, order a drink, and read a good book, while my husband likes to snorkel at a beautiful spot down the beach a little ways. Then we watch the sun set. I feel we are very fortunate to be able to live in such a place.
• United States
14 Jul 08
I like just listening to the water. It sounds so typical, but it's so soothing to listen to the waves lapping at the shore during the day. It's especially nice if the beach is relatively quiet, so you can listen without too many issues. Sadly, the last time I went to a beach was the Outer Banks in North Carolina years ago, back when my grandmother was still well enough to go along. I hope to go again sometime soon.
@alcazar (761)
• India
20 Jun 08
well..i just love the free ness when you are on the beach...its a lovely place to hangout ....and i really love spending time on it...
@lazeebee (5466)
• Malaysia
15 Jun 08
Lazing with a book under the shade of a palm tree, listening to the sound of waves hitting the beach...with a cold, cold drink -this is heaven.
• United States
8 Jun 08
cathing the rays, and sitting back and relxing. i do like going in to the water too much so i put on some sunblock and sit on my beach chair and just relax
@spalladino (17921)
• United States
8 Jun 08
I like sitting under an umbrella enjoying the breeze but I also like swimming in the ocean because it's alive and every moment is different. The waves come in and your space is constantl changing. Then there's the Gulf coast beaches where there are little, if any waves, but the boats are anchored here and there so you can swim and make new friends at the same time. I also love the smell of the ocean and the relaxed atmosphere. Another good thing at the beach...sitting at a beachside bar drinking a cool tropical drink and listening to good music.
@izzuyasha (348)
• Malaysia
8 Jun 08
Girls in bikini?