have you watched I am Legend???

@alcazar (761)
June 8, 2008 2:55pm CST
I have watched this movie and its awesome ....the whole new concept and the performance by will smith is really the best...... did you watched the movie... if yes ...wat did you like in it??
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@Denis16 (30)
• Slovenia
8 Jun 08
I hawe watched it, not only 1 time but 10 times! I like it wery much. But its sad when he kill himself :-(. And sory for my bad english i dont write it god
8 Jun 08
I love I am Legend, its a great film :)
16 Jun 08
i am legend was terrific will smith played it out well i didn't know he could be so serious
• United States
8 Jun 08
So far, I am Legend has been my favorite movie i have seen in a few years. Part of the reason that i liked it so much is because Will Smith is my favorite actor, but its amazing that they can make a movie so good, when there is really only one main actor. Many people don't realize it but something like what happened in the movie can easily happen in our world. The people might not turn into zombies like the movie but there is a big chance that our world could be swept out by a big disease that only a few are immune to. A few of the things that i would have changed in this movie were what the zombies they look like. They weren't bad, but i know that they could make them look a little bit more real. Also the ending could have improved a bit. I was exciting when i heard they made an alternate ending, and i watched it, but i was still dissappointed, so in order for the ending to improve, they would have to completely alter how the last scene goes down. But overall i enjoyed the movie a ton and i haven't stopped watching it!
• Philippines
8 Jun 08
i watched it and will smith was flying solo in the movie. i do hope it wouldn't happen in real life. will smith was really good,but why do he have to die in the end. its a great movie. And his dog was really cute.
• Canada
9 Jun 08
I've watched the movie, but haven't read the book. I enjoyed the movie and thought Will Smith did a fantastic job. And yes, the best part was the dog, imo. I also agree that the CGI for the monsters were really shabby and fake looking. If you get the chance, rent the dvd and watch the alternate ending to the movie. I think it's closer to the ending of the book, and even though I haven't read the book, I much preferred the alternate ending. I would love to go into more detail about the alternate ending but don't want to spoil it for other members who haven't watched the movie yet! Suffice it to say, I much preferred the alternate ending because it provided more closure and was more poignant.
@Cocoa33 (921)
• United States
8 Jun 08
i watched the movie. i like it. the only thing that i didn't like was the ending. i feel it he could of gotten away and survived. i think the writer should have done a better job with the ending
@Bionicman (3962)
• Czech Republic
8 Jun 08
I've watched the movie and also read the book. I liked the whole atmosphere in the movie. Will Smith definitely showed that he can act. But dog was the best thing in the movie lol I hated the bad CGI in the movie. It would be much better if real actors with make-up played the vampires. If you like I Am Legend watch also "28 Days Later" -Pretty good movie with same concept.
@tx_666 (191)
• India
8 Jun 08
Hi, It's really awesome movie. Spreading virus and surviving concept is really old.. But this movie is a bit different where Will Smith was spending his days with pet dog...trying to find the cure..dying to meet any other survivors... He really has done a great job when there is none around him to share his feelings except his pet and couple of models at shop...
@cream97 (29152)
• United States
8 Jun 08
No, I have not seen this movie.. I would like to see it though.. I am pretty sure that it is a great movie.. Will Smith plays in some good movies..
@thekenj (78)
• United States
8 Jun 08
I liked the movie I am Legend. I just hated the way it had to end. I won't go into extreme detail and ruin it for those of us who haven't seen it, but I liked it overall. It was a lot better than I though it was going to be, but most of Will Smith's movies are great anyway.