What / Who influenced you to LEARN USING the COMPUTER?

June 8, 2008 4:21pm CST
I had my moments of ponderings and musings awhile ago. I reviewed in my head the things i have done for the day.I realized that my free time was consumed with hanging around our pc. Hmmmn. When did I first learn using this thing that's hooking me to it every now and then...? There were no computer classes during my childhood days. We had one computer class at the university during my freshman years but it was all using DOS at that time and was offered in one semester only once a week.I CAN'T REMEMBER LEARNING ANYTHING FROM IT AT ALL..well, except turning on and off the thing.LOL.It did'nt interest me at all and there was no pc in the house. Oh my...i sound like i'm 100 years old.LOL. Oh yes,I started tinkering on computers when the use of the early MS Office maybe has just started budding around my attention 14 years ago. It was my younger brother who introduced this to me and taught me the easy ways on using a computer. I remember familiarizing myself to this when I wanted so much to record in diary form the daily FIRSTS and things that my first born son has done. I told my brother, i wanted to have something to jot down to,one which i can bring along with me to the office that was'nt bulky to carry around when I am out of the house.And have some of it printed and pasted in my baby's photo album.So he gave me the floppy disk.Yes. THE FLOPPY DISK.LOL. So that's how all my COMPUTER LEARNINGS started.I never stopped since then. I may never will until my golden days. LOL. How about you,DO you Still remember what influenced you to using the computer?
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@jonesy123 (3949)
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14 Aug 09
Late 80s is when I started. My brother had bought a computer to play around with, all DOS of course and hardly any memory. Just a step up from a calculator by today's comparisons. My school offered a class for the first time in my last two years there. The teacher had less knowledge than most of the students and it was all Apple. I really didn't learn much. In '89 I started college and bought a PC because my brother urged me to knowing I'd have to type a lot of papers and it's a pain on the type writer. Boy was that thing expensive and all it really did was word processing. I think I also had excel, but of course no internet. I learned a bit DOS, a bit Word, a bit Excel... and took a class at college just knowing that I'd need it in the future. Then in '96 I leaped to the Internet via the University and it's pretty much self-taught from there. One class required basic web design skills another basic Access knowledge. The rest I learned myself or through people at work. It's amazing how quickly we became 'dependent' on the computer and internet. Not just for fun but for banking, paying bills, staying in touch with friends and family... Yet, I know I could live without it although I might go through withdrawals at first, lol.
@jonesy123 (3949)
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25 Nov 08
I'm pretty much self-taught. Showing my age, but I was in my early teens when the first PC versions hit the market. Boy, compared to todays stuff they were just better calculators, lol. Anyhow, I needed one in law school to write papers and later on, when they could do so much more, my hubby (at the time my boyfriend) got me more into it. It's really strange to thing that less than 20 years ago most people were perfectly happy without this machine;)