how to solve the credit card problem

June 9, 2008 9:31am CST
this month i get more complicated problem about credit card, i late to pay the bill,,,, cause i already been jobles since 8 month ago... i just get wage from teaching only as teacher private, but that's not enough for paying that. i try to find a job but i'm not get yet caused i hard to find now... if have any solution for me or you have same history about credit card, let me know i'll be pleasure to hear that...thx
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@checapricorn (16049)
• United States
10 Jun 08
Hello pollydhuca, I had my debt before I cut off my credit card and I ask help from my sister so that I can pay it all! It was not very big though. For you, Just try hard to find any job even if it's no inline with your profession.. Just focus first on that if you have no relatives that can help you to pay your loan, I know some are willing to help but not all of them. Anyway, just try any job this time and once you will have it, start paying it regularly even just a little amount.
• Indonesia
12 Jun 08
yups... that's good idea... i'll do the same things... i believe i'd not become jobless forever... i need time to pass this situation so i can be normal again to use credit i hope we all can pass with this situation,,,, maybe need more forbearance...
@chennai_b02 (1735)
• India
9 Jun 08
The credit card is the Prestegious loan facility, without asking any of the persons, you yourself spend the money by yourself.. and make the payment on the due date. You will be getting to the maximum of 50 days interest free credit period. In case if you will not be paid the full amount on the due date, you will charged around 3% to 4% permonth for the amount of purchse, and the interest will be charges from the date of purchase. In case if you make the part payment means, the interest will be charged for the remaining amount at the said percentages, from the date of purchase.. If you paid the full amount on the due date, you will not be charged any interst and other charges.. So, the credit card will be suitable for the monthly salaried people only, they can able to purchse their home needs like grossary, vegetable, and other items by using the credit card, and the same will be paid on the due date, one you get the subsequent month salary.. And the Credit card will not be suit for the people like you, the jobless people.. So, please don't get any credit card, and get into the problems, if you will not be paid continuously for the 3 months or more, you will be treated as a cheater and the gundas will reach your house, then treatment will be different.. you feel very shamefull.. So, please forget about the credit card, try to get any job, even if you will not get the job, wait, till such time, you can even be food less, but dont go for a credit card, and buy the problems.
• Indonesia
12 Jun 08
thanks for your describe how to count the interest... i know it's before... And i become jobless after i have used the CC for 2.5 years. actually i have no problem with my payment before,,,, i mean how to face the problem like thx :)
@katemeow (847)
• Singapore
14 Jun 08
hello pollydhuca, yes, i have had this problem before and am happy to say that i have already overcome it. it took almost a year for me but i was able to pay my debt in full slowly but surely. the interest rates will keep getting higher so i suggest that you talk to an accountant so that you can iron out a fool proof payment scheme. some credit card collection firms offer some sort of settlement but i'm not sure if it is offered there as well. better ask the collection department for an extension and if they can stop charging interest.