Which do you think is better Voip or Skype?

United States
June 9, 2008 11:41am CST
Voip is fairly new and basically uses your internet connection to establish your voice over the internet, i.e. Voice of Internet Protocol(VOIP). What is the difference between Voip and Skyp? Which is more economical?
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@Cyrics (85)
• Philippines
21 Jul 08
Let me just clarify things up okay. VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol and not Voice of Internet Protocol Skype uses VoIP just like Vonage, Yahoo Voice, Via Talk, Magic Jack, Onesuite, etc. So therefore, Skype and VoIP are two different things. It's like Toyota and Car...you can't really ask which is better, Toyota or Car. Now when you say economical, VoIP is a lot cheaper compare with traditional long distance service. Picking your VoIP provider can be really pain in the......so you better check the internet for reviews and feedbacks. As for Skype, they're not the best in quality nor got the best rates and as far as I know they don't even have customer support. I'm a Skype user before but now happy with my Onesuite.com
@jephone (118)
• Canada
25 Jul 08
Hi, Cyrics. I am using the Voip with no brand, that means I bought the income phone call and outcome phone call seperately. I have two suppliers. But I made them together and make it become a normal phone. It's high quality. It just like the normal phone. I saved a lot of money from this. It costs me $5 per month plus less than 1 penny to call to China. I have all the features which will cost a lot in traditional phone service. DIY your voip phone service you will save a lot of money from that.
• Philippines
25 Aug 09
Hi Jephone, im interested to know more about the voip you are using. could you message me about it? thanks
@twobits (31)
• United States
5 Oct 09
Actually VoIP or Voice over IP is not really that new. In fact Skype is a proprietary implementation of VoIP. Your question is really asking something like "Which do you think is better, food or pizza?". In the case of Skype, I don't use them because they use a proprietary implementation and also use some of your bandwidth to carry traffic for others. What I recommend instead is something like Gizmo5 as it offers a client you can use much like skype, making it easy to start out with, but also supports the standard VoIP protocol called SIP,which means you can use it with other standard SIP products offered by Siemans and Nokia for example. Then if Gizmo5 ever raises rates you are not locked in but can easily switch to other providers that also use SIP and keep your investments and not get locked in.
@tonyllenium (6261)
• Italy
31 May 09
practically skype is a voip technology!!So i did not understand if you meant Voip as a operator to compare with skype or you interested on this technology in general!! Anyway i like voip technology is really useful and so cheap to get your phone call and stay in touch with your contacts for free or communicate for cheap prizes!! As regard skype is good as regards the different services but as a voip operator to call,send sms it is quite expensive in comparison to other voip operator!!For example i found operators as stuntVoip or other sites from betamax company realy cheap as price and have good software of communication to stay in touch with your friends for free ..but naturally have few services if we can compare with skype!! So may be skype is smart if your friends use it and so make calls or video-conference for free is smart!!surely if you would like o call even mobile-landlines phone from skype is a bit expensive!!
@jephone (118)
• Canada
12 Jul 08
It is different. First if you use VOIP, you don't need to open the computer to call somebody or receive a phone call. But it is a little more expensive than SKYP. If you use skyp to talk with somebody, you can't do anything with your internet, because it will effect the quality of sound. But with VOIP, it won't have this problem, except you are downloading a lot of files. The voice of VOIP is clearer than the voice of skype. the quality almost is as the same as traditional phone line. But it's really cheap compared with the traditional phone line. I love VOIP even though it has a little bit problem this or that. But more conviences and more functions. Wherever I go, I can take my phone line with me. If you have more questions about the voip, I'd like to explain to you more.