Happy Father's Day....For all Single moms out there!

@Erilyn (3020)
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June 9, 2008 12:23pm CST
Being a single mom for a long time I know we are both mother and father to our kids. Just becasue it is called Father's Day does not mean that only father's can get cards! A couple of friends of mine and I started a tradition a few years back of giving each other our own kind of Father's Day cards. And we would get the kids involved, I remember one year a friend of mines daughter came to me in tears becasue when they were making father's day stuff at school she was told that she couldn't make something for her mom. She and I made a project together. I went to the school and talked to the teacher and explained the situation. Once I did that He changed his mind about letting kids make stuff for the single parent in their life :).
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11 Jun 08
Teachers are supposed to be understanding. Times have changed and there are a lot more single moms and dads out there. They should have some kind of discussion at school about dealing with kids that have a single parent, divorced parents or loss in the family. otherwise they do the wrong thing and confuse the child.
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@Erilyn (3020)
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13 Jun 08
You would think that they would be. a lot of them however are more traditional you know? Some people think that it would confuse a child more to acknowledge a parent in the "wrong" role or something like that.