Romeo and Juliet???????

@moose8 (483)
June 9, 2008 8:43pm CST
After reading romeo and juliet in my english class this semester i realized that there are many things that dont make any sense throughout this play. ive taken to the fact that things were very different back then then they are now and that the people of that time had a much higher intellect than we do today. Some of the questions i have are: is it even possible to fall in love wih someone at such a young age and to want to even marry thm just a day after theyve forst met???? it does not make any sense how someone of the age fo fifteen will die for another that they have just met....
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30 Jul 08
Despite the play often being depicted as a romance, it is actually a tragi-comedy. When read as a tragi-comedy, it makes a lot more sense than when taken as a strictly romantic play.
@BeckyAnn (266)
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11 Jun 08
Back then, marriages were arranged at much younger ages (Juliet's mom was married at thirteen, I think) and kids were looking at love at much earlier ages. I think it would be totally possible for two kids to get married in secret and run into the problem. They think they're in love (And might really be), and they end up in that same (Tragic!) situation. We read it close to the end of the year. I found it kind of interesting that I got it.... _