can i find u back, my-ex?

June 9, 2008 11:00pm CST
It's really a sad story for me.I really hope i can erase all the memory about him by any kind of means. but i can't ,really . It has been over half a year that he left me for his homeland. I miss him every day. terrible, i felt terrible.I do think i gave him more love than him. but i don't care. being with him is the most happliest thing in my life.Unlucky,he finally gave up me for his career.He felt very very sorry for me,but he can't do anything for me. i should hate him, forget him, but very exhausting... now, i have no more expectation. just add his msn or sth. back.we'r at least friends, right?i would lead my life as usual,but deep down in my heart, he is always there,even though i get married with other guy...
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• Philippines
5 Jul 08
you need to move on...i have a girlfriend for 5-years we broke up because she had cheated and i was left behind....i overcome that even it's hard...just have's not too late...