Trying to finish our home need advice

United States
November 2, 2006 7:13pm CST
The home we are trying to rebuild has met with much difficulty. It burned to the ground over a year ago. The home we are replacing it with thought over three hundred Square feet smaller is costing us more than we were given by our insurance settlement and more than we have. We have tried to get loans to finish the house but the marks made on my credit by the Mortgage company has hurt my credit with a couple of late marks. The house we are building is about fifty percent done. We have about One hundred forty thousand dollars plus so far in the home. The mortgage company has released ninety five thousand of the one hundred forty two thousand they have been holding now for almost a year. We have put over fifty thousand of our own money into this home and still haven’t enough to finish it. the Mortgage company is still holding fifty thousand dollars. The House has now been sitting for over five months without any Work being done to it. We were told by the Mortgage company we wouldn’t be given anymore money until the home was complete. The last draw from the mortgage company cost us nearly fore thousand dollars in late fees and finance charges because of the two months it took them to get us a check that we were suppose to get in two weeks As yet we haven’t found any one to give us a loan so we can finish this house . We have tried through several banks to get a construction loan but have been turned down because of credit. We are paying 3000 dollars a month on a mortgage and rental on a house to live in until we can finish our house we just want to get this house finished we have been paying for a mortgage of sixteen hundred now that they filed A rate rider on our thirteen hundred dollar note this is stressing our finances making it hard as we are having to pay for two houses We are just trying to finish this home which will be worth much more than we will owe on it. We still need about a hundred thousand to finish. We need some advice as to what we can do to get this house finished before I run out of money and the mortgage company tries to foreclose on us we are still making payments and have not gotten behind yet. We don’t want to go that far we just want to finish the house so we can move into it.
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