Do you think that friendship is a blessing?

@mary463 (146)
June 10, 2008 8:19am CST
I think friendship is a blessing,Because friends helping me in many ways through out my life,and they anytime with me in sorrows and happiness.So I can't keep them away in my whole life.Definitely.What about you?
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• Philippines
16 Jun 08
Definitely, I agree with you that friendship is a blessing. Friends are the ones who are with us in time of our need. Of course true friends. Friends that we can count of all the time. I can testify to this one. I have so many friends who had help me in many ways. so I can say that friends are a blessing. I can't live without friends around me.
@bluishrose (2290)
• Philippines
10 Jun 08
Everyone is a blessing whether a friend or enemy or a stranger. everyone has a purpose in our lives. Its how you take it or use it in ur life. definitely a friend is a blessing because they are there in times of trouble and helps unconditionally.
@gloreymay (882)
• Philippines
10 Jun 08
Yes friendship is a blessing from Him. Because he knew whom to give and whom you need most. Treasure true friends.
@biggerb (2028)
• India
10 Jun 08
Yes I fully agree with you that friendship is truly a blessing.One of the greatest things that make life worthwhile is a heart to heart friendship.No matter what happens to us it is comforting to know that someone dear to us shares our sorrow or happiness.Friendship fills a need in the human heart.A true friend is a tower of strength.Next to God's pwn comfort is the knowledge of a friend's sincere sympathy.Many come into our lives but few come into our hearts to stay.Friendship is a blessing from God.It is a common need for all.