as a son have u ever made ur father proud of u ?

June 10, 2008 1:12pm CST
when it comes to father and son relation me and my dad never got together very well.v can live under one roof talk to each other once a while but never can live happily cause he wants just the opposite of wht i want.he wants me to beome an electrical engineer far better than he is .but i want to become a pro gamer or an animator .i like to live my life free of tension but engineering feild is full of that.according to me.also i m not the kind of guy who would make a good far i have tried my level best to keep up with his dream but now that i thin of it i might not be able to make it a reality and for that reason i think i m not a good son at all.i had never done anything to make him feel proud of me.does any body else.feel the same way i do?
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12 Jun 08
as a son, i tried my best to make my family proud of me specially my father... but i dont know to him if he feel the same way too..,.. i didn't heard him nor to anyone around us, that he told "he's proud of me..." i dont know if he is not showy... unlike you and your father... how sad...
• India
13 Jun 08
well i m really grtfull to u guys that u thought so much about me.really appreciate ur kidness.
@checapricorn (16049)
• United States
11 Jun 08
Hello jhonymax, I am a daughter and insist to drop her since I am touched by your story. I know someday when you will achieve what you want in life, he will start to recognize your success and be proud of you. Take that as a challenge to do more and exert more effort to excel.