shirt or pants?

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June 10, 2008 4:15pm CST
This is a question I have asked to a lot of people and have always been told that I have a weird answer and that most answers to it are about the same. Here is the question. If you were going to give a public speech on any subject that you are very familiar with and are totally prepared to give the speech but were told that order to get your pay for the speech you would have to give the speech wearing either nothing on below the waist *no pants no underwear and no really long shirts that cover your privates* or nothing above the waist nothing covering your stomach, chest, and upper pelvic area. Also please include why and if you are male or female. I am a guy for those of you who don't know and I would rather be wearing no pants, I am don't know why but I sleep with no bottoms on but still wear a shirt and don't like having no shirt on around other people but have no problem wearing boxers or just a long shirt around people I only know a little. When I go swimming I do not wear a shirt, but I would rather stay under the water. What about you guys and gals?
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11 Jun 08
Well, if this ever presented itself, I'd have to go topless. I dislike my thighs so much I seldom wear shorts, even in the middle of summer. It's a no brainer for me.
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10 Jun 08
I am a female and I would probably prefer to go topless because I hate the way my thighs look. Whenever I go swimming, I always wear a pair of board shorts over my swimsuit so that my thighs are covered.