How did you know?

@BeckyAnn (266)
United States
June 10, 2008 10:51pm CST
How did you figure out you were in real love? Was it love at first sight, or did it take a while? I have a kinda funny story about this. See, I'd known this person for years, since second grade. We were best friends and always were around each other. I never thought it was different, but I never liked other people at all. Antisocial to the max. SO, in early 9th grade, we do normal high school stuff, but my friend seemed to be getting depressed. One night when we were talking while I was over, my bud of seven years confesses to being in love with me. I am DUMBFOUNDED, my friends, because I did not think that could ever happen. Never believed in love. I said I didn't think it'd work. My friend begged me to think about this. I said give me a week. That was on Sunday. By WEDNESDAY, I had it figured out. I realized a good reason for my crowd issues. Quite literally, all I needed was my friend. And not as a friend. We've been together since. =]
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@ayrin03 (318)
• Philippines
11 Jun 08
hi beckyann! Most says that they didn't explain how they felt it. But when it's there. They knew laready.. Love is something you can't hide and explain. Well goodluck to a new step o your life!
@BeckyAnn (266)
• United States
11 Jun 08
Yeah, and usually you don't see it coming. Thank you! \m/ Becky Ann
@monaliu (344)
14 Jun 08
good luck to you! enjoy your time when you spend with each other.Find a lover is really a difficlult thing.Value your relationship very much please! one suggestion for you:give each other more free time and more space!