have you tried internet explorer 7????

@alcazar (761)
June 11, 2008 12:03am CST
Its lovely and a lot better than the previous versions of the Internet explorer.I have been strictly against the use of internet explorer but this version i think is their best till now... have you tried it yet???
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@schummi (925)
• India
11 Jun 08
yeah i do like it a bit but still i think mozilla is better but really cant say becouse i dont use it that regularly ...so havent tested it yet....but sure will give it a try....
@rookiekan (883)
• China
11 Jun 08
i like trying new software,so IE7 is almost outdated to me,i really dont like it,high memory occupied and same fatalness of suffering virus and trojan,it reported that Internet Explore 8.0 will be soon appear in the market,i hope MS corporation will make a large progress on the IE browser,let's just watch it and long for it
@dseno22 (82)
• Philippines
11 Jun 08
Ya! I agree with that that IE 7 is better than their previous version but my primary browser is firefox i will just used IE and other browser for webpage testing only.