Is Travelling make you better understandable of other cultures?

June 11, 2008 3:00am CST
Is travelling around the world can help you better understand other's cultures..??
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• India
22 Jun 08
i would like to visit paris as many times as possible and also singapore
@knightrider (1083)
• India
13 Jun 08
it need not necessrily be travellign around the world, try travelling around ur own county, there is so much to learn
@maximax8 (31192)
• United Kingdom
11 Jun 08
Yes, traveling has made me understand other cultures. I went to Tunisia in 1991 and that was my first trip to an Arabic sort of culture. Later that same year I went to St Lucia in the Caribbean and saw meet the cool local people. In 1993 to 94 I went around the world to the USA, Fiji, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I saw proverty on the island of Sumatra. I noticed that the poor people there were happier than the richer people in my home country. In 1997 I went to Israel and found out about the different religions there. It was interesting to spend time in such holy places, special to each faith like the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock. In 2005 I went to the Maldives and saw a mixture of rich tourists and poor local people. I was traveling with the lowest possible budget. When I returned home I found out that the Maldives is 100% Muslim and many local people earn less than $1 a day. I so enjoy finding out about other cultures by traveling as well as by reading before and after a trip overseas.
@izzuyasha (348)
• Malaysia
11 Jun 08
I think so.The best way to understand a culture is to live with them and experience their daily routines.