@chari_dc (492)
June 11, 2008 3:54am CST
his name was brandon. i specifically wanted a male dog so i can name him from that guy in beverly hills 90210. i was in college and really loved dogs. i forgot now how i got him, where he came from, what breed he is and how long we were together. but i do remember how he was my best buddy. he sleeps in my bedroom, although on the floor but he's allowed to snuggle to me on my bed. whenever i come home from school, he was always there to greet me with an open-mouthed grin and a bark that makes the floor tremble. when i was in my senior year and doing my thesis, he'd stay up with me during the late nights i had to finish writing or making mock-ups and plates. he got sick one day and my dad brought him to the vet. i didn't worry coz i knew he always gets well whenever he's brought to the vet. after a few days, my aunt slipped and told me what happened to brandon. my dad didn't know how to tell me that brandon died the day after he was brought to the vet. he didn't survive the diarrhea or something. i never saw brandon again. they never brought him back... i never loved another dog as much afterwards. up till now, whenever i think of him, tears well up inside my eyes. it's been 20 years...
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@spalladino (17891)
• United States
11 Jun 08
I'm so sorry that you lost your beloved dog and that you still hurt over the loss. Some people don't realize how attached we can get to our pets, especially those that are special to us in some way, and they always have a special place in our hearts. I hope that you've given another pet a chance since you lost Brandon. You may not ever feel exactly the same way you felt about him but each pet we bring into our lives, lightens our load just a little bit, and makes us just a little bit happier.